Dog Frisbee (bite-resistant) white / black

Dog Frisbee (bite-resistant) white / black

Disc dog Frisbee (140g, fastback) with increased bite resistance for beginners and advanced players.

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Our Nutricanis dog Frisbee by Wham-O combines bite resistance, durability and flexibility with the unparalleled flight characteristics of all Wham-O discs, making it the perfect Frisbee for ambitious newcomers to the disc dog sport. The soft, pliable plastic reduces the risk of injury to an absolute minimum. The dog Frisbee has a high quality Nutricanis stamp - we have deliberately avoided embossing as it causes decelerating irregularities on the underside of the Frisbee.

The raised centre of the Frisbee ("dome") stabilizes its flight and effectively extends the flight time. This means that our Frisbee flies further than comparable discs and its flight is easier for the dog to "read" - an essential feature for disc dog players. The bite resistant Frisbee is slightly heavier than our Professional Dog Disc, but this only has a minimal effect on its flying distance.

Its softer, more bite resistant material makes this dog Frisbee the ideal disc for disc dog beginners whose dogs have not yet learned not to bite into the disc when catching it. The more flexible plastic ensures greatly increased durability and significantly reduces bite marks that adversely affect the flight characteristics of the disc.

"Frisbee" is a registered trademark of Wham-O USA.

Product data
Type: dog disc (bite resistant, fastback)
Material: extra soft, pliable plastic
Diameter: 240mm / 24cm
Weight: 140g

Caution: Not a chew toy!


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